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The best — Is possible!

As a rule, property management refers to services for the commercial realization of the object in the lease.

In our company, we decided to expand the list of services offered.

We offer our clients:

In details

The widest range of services will be provided by a personal appeal to us.

  • Drawing up and elaborating an investment plan for the acquisition of real estate (houses, villas, apartments) for renting or reselling.
  • Letting real estate for rent. At the same time, we take upon ourselves (but at your expense, of course!):
  • The whole complex of preparatory (furnishing, repair (if necessary) works;
  • Completion of the object by the starting set of necessary things (dishes, bed linens, etc.);
  • We control the order and integrity of everything that is in the object;
  • We provide and guarantee the timely payment of all utility bills by tenants;
  • Exchange of real estate objects for large, or better (Upgrade) with a surcharge or smaller (Downgrade) with a difference in value.

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