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Select section One of the most attractive areas of Thailand's economy — real estate. This is evidenced by the growing pace of development of such famous resorts as Koh Samui and Phuket. Real estate investment in Thailand profitable and safe. Registration of the purchase is simplified and clearly spelled out at the legislative level, which avoids complications and corruption schemes. In addition, thanks to the endless tourist flow of property prices in Thailand are constantly growing.
Our company advises and offers a wide range of investment opportunities in the Real Estate of Thailand as an excellent and capital alternative.
Our many years of experience allows us to provide our customers with all the information they need immediately. At the first stage, our client will know exactly how much the land will cost, the project, the chosen villa, and for how long it will be built. We draw up a financial plan, and a construction schedule. Despite the great number of ready-made projects, it is always more interesting to build from scratch. And given that in Thailand almost no inflation and winter, construction is conducted all year round.
For several years we have been cooperating with a proven, well-coordinated construction team. All this minimizes the emergence of unplanned situations and other force majeure.
In our time, owners and investors are in need of qualified professionals who can manage both private and complex projects in Thailand. Increasingly, such services are turned to TT Group. Our company conducts all directions in this area: from managing financial flows to maintenance of buildings, facilities, complexes. The real estate agency, from which the history of our company began, has grown into a group of companies, with representations in key regions of Thailand. For today, we offer our guests a wide range of real estate for rent and purchase. A wealth of experience allows you to unmistakably imagine what a visitor expects from a trip to the Kingdom of Thailand! Welcome!